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be part of the predictive
medicine revolution

Founded in 2004, PREDILIFE offers innovative solutions enabling everyone to define their disease risk profile in order to best anticipate and reduce the risk of serious pathologies.
It uses artificial intelligence methods applied to medical, clinical, genetic and imaging data.

PREDILIFE is at the heart of predictive medicine. Predictive medicine consists of anticipating the future of an individual in order to act in time thanks to personalised prevention, either by reducing the risks or by identifying the disease earlier. Serious pathologies, such as cancer and heart attacks, can be better prevented.

Our vision

Predict to Prevent
To enable anticipation of an individual’s future so that action can be taken in time thanks to personalised prevention.

Our mission statement

Develop and market tests to predict the main risks of serious diseases using artificial intelligence and Big Data.

Today, PREDILIFE markets MammoRisk®, the first test for predicting breast cancer risk and will extend its technology to the main pathologies.

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