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Prevention Check-Up

Our offer

Our unique and comprehensive health check is carried out via teleconsultation with one of our Predilife partner doctors and offers you peace of mind.

Quick and easy, the Prevention Check-Up identifies the main cancer risks: breast, lung, prostate, and colorectal, as well as melanomas and cardiovascular diseases.

In addition to your exam results and a personal risk score, our doctors will issue you a tailor-made care programme which will allow you to reduce the main pathological risks that you are facing.

From start to finish, you are accompanied, taken care of and monitored by renowned healthcare professionals.

A comprehensive health check in 3 steps

Our unique check-up makes it possible to identify the main cancer risks: breast, lung, prostate, and colon, as well as melanomas and cardiovascular diseases. This check-up includes a genetic saliva test that analyses several hundred genes associated with cancer.

Book your Predilife prevention check-up and carry out the 3 steps of the check-up with a doctor in a teleconsultation appointment. You will then receive a personalised care programme and reduce your main pathological risks.


– Sending of the kit to your home
– Genotyping* of samples at Eurofins

* : Genotyping defines, in an individual or a group of individuals of the same species, the characteristics of a genetic variation in the genome as a whole or in a part of it.


– Complete blood count, Lipid assessment, Covid-19 antibody test, etc.
– Complementary clinical data


– Results are accessible and downloadable on our secure platform
– Teleconsultation with referring doctor
– Recommendations adapted to the risk profile

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