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The company


The company

Founded in 2004, Predilife has pioneered the design and development of prediction tests, giving everyone the chance to find out their own risk of developing serious diseases. It combines proven medical techniques with Artificial Intelligence and Big Data.

Predilife markets MammoRisk®, a breast cancer risk prediction test, and DenSeeMammo®, a breast density measurement tool. These class I medical devices are regulated health products with CE marking under that regulation.

The history of Predilife


Predilife founded
by Stéphane Ragusa


Contract with INSERM for access to their cohorts of data


Contract with BCSC (Breast Cancer Surveillance Consortium) for access to their database on 1,000,000 American women.


First FDA agreement obtained for DenSeeMammo

Riviera study (NCT02997384) sponsored by Gustave Roussy and funded by ARC (Association for Cancer Research), aiming to show the acceptability and feasibility of breast cancer risk consultations in community practice.


Predilife goes public. CE marking for MammoRisk and DenSeeMammo


The MyPeBS study is launched.
Access to the French and European market.


Deployment of a sales team in France and Europe

The Predilife team

The Predilife Board, comprising Stéphane Ragusa, Pierre Verdet, Valérie Hélin and Émilien Gauthier, is supported by 5 developers, 8 employees and 8 sales representatives in France and abroad.

Stéphane Ragusa is the Chairman and CEO of Predilife. A former student of the École Polytechnique, he is also a graduate of Esnae (Statistics) and holds a PhD in biology. He developed the theme of risk prediction in an academic environment on INSERM cohorts before creating Predilife in 2004. He then founded the company after training at HEC Challenges+.


After an engineering degree, Pierre Verdet joined McKinsey before becoming a site manager (Buc and Budapest) for General Electric. At Predilife, Pierre Verdet is Chief Operating Officer in charge of business development and the operational set-up of the solution.


Chemical engineer, Valérie Hélin then completed a PhD in biology at Université Paris-Saclay, in Gustave Roussy’s laboratories. In 2007 she became Director of Economic Development at Cancer Campus and began working with Predilife as Head of Academic Collaborations. In 2016, she fully joined the Predilife team as Chief Medical Officer.


Émilien Gauthier holds a Master’s degree in bioinformatics and bio-statistics at the University of Paris-Sud. He is also an engineer in software engineering and holds a PhD in medical risk data-mining scores from Télécom Bretagne. He joined Predilife in 2007 and is now Chief Technical Officer.


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