stephane ragusa

Predilife objective is to become the world reference in rare diseases risk evaluation. The recent availability to realize a genetic test of several thousand points in the genome at a reduced cost, opens new medical applications, addressing all the population. Estimating personal risk from its genome and imaging examination will allow personalizing the prevention in order to detect the pathology earlier and increase the healing rate. This is a medical revolution enable by modern tool to illustrate the old proverb: "an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure"

Predilife is developing innovative solutions in the predictive medicine sector, by combining proven medical technics (genetic tests, medical imaging) and mathematical models (using a large statistical data set). This allows us to know one’s personal risk of developing serious diseases.

Predilife sells its MammoRisk personalized breast cancer screening solution in Europe and in the USA. This solution combines medical imaging through its breast density evaluation software: DenseeMammo, Big data and statistics through a scoring tool based on patient data (age, breast density, previous family history and biopsy, ethnic origin) with the patient genetic profile from a genetic test, which allows to establish a polygenic risk score. This solution answers women and doctor expectations for a personalized breast cancer screening.

Predilife is in charge of the breast cancer risk evaluation in the European reference study MyPeBS. This study main objective is to compare actual organized screening plan only based on one criteria: age, to a new screening strategy based on each women risk level.

European experts expect up to 30% reduction of stage IV cancer by this improved personalized screening programs that will allow for much ealier detection. This is a fantastic impact on the public health and illustrate well PrediLife mission.

Stéphane RAGUSA