MyPeBS (My Personal Breast Screening)

MyPeBS is an international project evaluating a new breast screening strategy.

New scientific data suggest that a new screening strategy, based on the estimation of individual breast cancer risk, may have a better benefit/risk ratio for all women than current standard screening.

In order to answer this public health question, a major clinical study is being implemented, funded by the European Union: MyPeBS. It compares current screening with a new screening approach based on estimating the individual risk of developing breast cancer.

Women who volunteer to participate in the study are randomly assigned to two groups. In the first, they follow the standard screening during the 4 years of participation in the study; in the second, they follow their personalised screening schedule, established according to their own risk of developing breast cancer.

The project is implemented in 5 countries (France, Belgium, Italy, Israel, United Kingdom) and the objective is to recruit 85,000 female volunteers.

Predilife is a partner of the project, in charge of women’s risk evaluation.

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