Predilife was founded in 2004 by Stéphane Ragusa. The company is specialised in P4 medicine (Predictive, Preventive, Personalised and Participatory) and its leading product is MammoRisk which enables the risk of breast cancer to be evaluated.

2004 Creation of Predilife by Stéphane Ragusa
2007 Contract with INSERM to access their data cohorts
2013 Contract with BCSC to access their database on 1,000,000 American women
2015 Collaboration contract with the Gustave-Roussy institute
  Import of the model developed by Predilife on 300,000 French women - MammoRisk® score
  Predilife’s presence at the annual Radiological Society of North America (RSNA) congress; which Predilife has attended on a regular basis ever since
2016 Symposium about the MammoRisk® test regarding the possibility of predicting breast cancer, organised in the context of the annual Société Française d’Imagerie de la Femme (SIFEM - French Women’s Imaging Society) congress
  Presentations by Ms. Nancy Capello (Are you dense? Association) and Dr. Suzette Delaloge (Gustave-Roussy) in the context of the annual EUSOBI7 congress in Paris
2017 Implementation of the Riviera clinical study
  1st sale of MammoRisk® and DenSeeMammo in Belgium by the Centre Hospitalier de Wallonie Picarde (CHwapi) in Tournai
  FDA approval for DenSeeMammo with General Electric devices