stephane ragusa

Stéphane Ragusa


Stéphane Ragusa, a former École Polytechnique student, also graduated from ENSAE (Statistics) and has a PhD in biology. Following a career in banking and insurance where he worked with predictive risk models in the finance sector, he turned to health by working at the CNRS (French National Centre for Scientific Research) and Institut Pasteur. As a lecturer at Sorbonne University, he taught Statistics applied to biology and medicine. He developed this risk prediction theme in an academic environment based on INSERM’s cohorts, before creating Predilife in 2004. He then developed the company after a training course with HEC Challenges+.

pierre verdet

Pierre Verdet

Chief Operating Officer

After an engineering training course, Pierre Verdet joined McKinsey before becoming site manager (Buc and Budapest) for GE. He then moved up to a world distribution Manager position for the Life Sciences Business department at GE. At Predilife, Pierre Verdet is the managing director, in charge of commercial development and the operational implementation of the solution.

valerie helin

Valérie Hélin

Director of Medical Affairs, MammoRisk Product Manager

As a chemical engineer, Valérie Hélin then did a biology thesis at Gustave Roussy. After 6 years as scientific director at Genset, a biotechnology company, she obtained a Master’s in Management and Strategy of Health Industries at ESSEC Business School. In 2007, she was the economic development director of Cancer Campus, and began to work for Predilife as a manager of academic collaborations. In 2016, she joined the Predilife team full-time as director of medical and regulatory affairs.

emilien gauthier

Émilien Gauthier

Chief Technical Officer, R&D Director

With a Master’s in bioinformatics and biostatistics from the University of Paris-Sud, Émilien Gauthier is also an engineer in software engineering and has a PhD in medical risk data-mining scores from Télécom Bretagne. He joined Predilife in 2007 and is now technical and R&D director.