The breast density, a risk factor

Women with high breast density are at higher risk of breast cancer: women with the highest density have 4 to 6 times more risk of breast cancer than women whose breasts are almost entirely made up of fatty tissue . 

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Why should I use DenSeeMammo ?

Breast density assessed visually by radiologists is difficult to reproduce. PrediLife Offers DenSeeMammo Software to Monitor Breast Density Assessment. 

DenSeeMammo: automatic breast density evaluation

DenSeeMammo is a unique and innovative medical device. It provides standardized and automatic breast density assessment from mammography images, which mimics the visual assessment of radiologists as recommended by the 5th Edition BI-RADS. 

DenSeeMammo is a software application for digital mammography systems. In fact, it estimates breast density according to the BI-RADS classification by analyzing images of digital mammograms and using an image comparison procedure.

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The mammography images to be analyzed are compared to a database of images that have been previously evaluated and classified according to BI-RADS V by a consensus of MQSA radiologists specialized in breast imaging.

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DenSeeMammo has received:

- FDA approval for Hologic and GE branded equipment.

- CE marking for all mammography equipment.