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Predictive assessment

Predilife expands its range of
products for prostate cancer

CE marking of a medical device for the prediction of prostate cancer risk

Prostate cancer is the most common cancer in men, affecting 66,000 men each year in France. One man in 8 will develop prostate cancer before the age of 75.

Targeting a potential population of several million men in France, the new ProstRisk medical device makes it possible to predict the risk of prostate cancer on the basis of age, biopsy history, blood markers (total PSA, free PSA, p2PSA) and, where applicable, the volume of the prostate after ultrasound. A genetic score may also be added to refine the risk prediction.

This medical device is intended to be integrated into an offer for predicting the main risks of pathologies. The quantification of these risks will make it possible to offer everyone a personalised prevention and screening programme adapted to their profile. This risk assessment should be launched in the spring and can be carried out via a teleconsultation.

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