An end-to-end solution

Allowing wider access to preventive check-ups!

Easy access to check-ups

No travel or scheduling obligations, thanks to remote appointments

The latest medical innovations

Tried and tested medical technology + Artificial Intelligence + Big Data

Controlled costs

Costs reduced up to 5-fold compared to conventional check-ups

The Predilife solution

Predict, to take preventive action

Our preventive check-ups serve to define risk profiles for the occurrence of serious diseases, and thus offer personally tailored support in order to reduce the main risks of disease

Predictive Check-Up for Breast Cancer

A preventive check-up allowing women to determine their risk of developing breast cancer within the next 5 years and to benefit from follow-up and personalised recommendations based on their profile.

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Predictive Check-Up for Multiple Conditions

A predictive health check-up for both men and women, to define their risk of developing breast, lung, prostate or colorectal cancer and melanoma, together with the risk of cardiovascular disease. Medical follow-up is adapted to each risk profile.

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Preventive check-ups with numerous benefits

We guide businesses, insurance brokers, private insurance companies and healthcare professionals on their path towards predictive medicine: a personalised and digital approach.

Respond to your employees’ key concerns

Strengthen your employer brand

Develop your commitment to health and increase company performance

Allow each individual to take charge of their health and anticipate serious diseases

Their thoughts


“The preventive measures offered by our partner PREDILIFE, which specialises in predicting the risks of breast cancer, are significantly less costly than sick leave due to cancer and, above all, expand the healthcare solutions available to employees”


“I was delighted to be offered a predictive check-up for breast cancer well before turning 50, and am now on a personalised follow-up programme, which is reassuring”

Adeline M.

“Reassuring and intelligent”

Elodie C.

Our partners

American Hospital of Paris
American Hospital of Paris
Clinique Rive Gauche
Clinique Rive Gauche
Institut du sein Henri Hartmann
Institut du sein Henri Hartmann

Our accreditations & certifications

Our medical device has been registered with the Ansm.

Our medical device meets the essential requirements defined by European regulations (CE marking).

Predilife is a registered manufacturer with the MHRA (Medicines and Healthcare products Regulatory Agency) in the United Kingdom.