Screening at the time of the Covid

For several months now, the whole world has been experiencing an unprecedented health crisis. Between confinement, overcrowded hospitals and cancelled medical appointments, it is difficult to find one’s way around when seeking treatment or screening. Liberal doctors have seen their activity decrease by more than 50%. Screening facilities saw their activity drop by 5% to 30% during the peak of the epidemic.

However, despite the current situation, it is essential to continue to seek treatment: doctors and health professionals ensure the continuity of care for people with diseases other than Covid-19.

Let’s take a look at the situation.

Favour teleconsultation

In order to continue to receive treatment, many health professionals have made teleconsultation available. This is a consultation carried out at a distance. All doctors can use teleconsultation.

Reimbursement terms are the same as for a traditional consultation.

In addition, the care prescribed following the teleconsultation is also covered under the usual conditions.

Many platforms offer teleconsultations. You can visit Doctolib or Qare, for example.

Appointments in medical practices and centres

You should not hesitate to go to the doctor. GP surgeries and health centres have set up facilities to minimise the risk of Covid-19 infection.

Continue to get tested

Health professionals recommend that you continue to get tested, even during the epidemic.

Indeed, a delay in screening can lead to a delay in diagnosis which can have an impact on the chances of recovery.

Continue to seek treatment

It is also important to continue with your treatment. Delayed treatment can also have an impact on the progress of your diagnosis.

So, continue to get tested and treated. Your health must remain your priority.