Prevention health check-up, a lever for personalized screening

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The fight against cancer and other serious pathologies such as cardiovascular diseases requires early detection in order to increase the chances of recovery but also to limit the use of heavy and restrictive therapeutic protocols.

Currently, organized screening campaigns are in place for certain pathologies such as breast cancer or colorectal cancer. But these campaigns target a part of the population according to their age. However, some people have risk profiles that can lead them to develop these pathologies earlier and thus not be diagnosed quickly enough, thus causing a loss of opportunity.

It is in this perspective that the prevention check-up can become a very effective weapon in the prevention and detection of certain cancers and other serious diseases.

Why carry out a prevention assessment?
You are in good health ? Admittedly, there have been cases of cancer in your close circle, but like many families? The advantage of preventive measures is to be able to act upstream, before the disease breaks out or at its very beginning. The prevention check-up therefore concerns everyone, regardless of their state of health or family history.

This system will make it possible to determine the risk profile of the person and thus adapt the screening instructions in order to provide them with a personalized program. Depending on the results, the recommendations of the various organized screenings may be sufficient. But, sometimes, it will be advisable to start screening examinations earlier. For example, the prevention assessment may highlight the presence of certain genetic markers which are known to increase the risk of developing a particular disease.

The figures published by the Inca in the Panorama 2021 of cancers in France show it: the earlier a cancer is diagnosed, the greater the risk of recovery. For example, 90% of breast cancers detected early are cured*.

The prevention assessment therefore increases the chances of benefiting from early detection of certain serious illnesses by personalizing the screening program.

What does a preventive assessment consist of?
The prevention report is a very quick and simple device that takes place, for the most part, online.

All you have to do is go to the secure platform made available by Predilife and activate your account there. A medical questionnaire must then be completed. An appointment for a teleconsultation with a partner doctor is then proposed. At the end of this, the health professional will prescribe biological and genetic analyzes according to the patient’s profile. The genetic analysis consists of a saliva sample.

One month later, the patient receives his results as well as personalized advice as part of the screening for diseases for which the preventive assessment is effective. Currently, these are breast, lung, colon, skin and prostate cancers as well as cardiovascular diseases.

How to benefit from a prevention assessment?
Several companies have subscribed to prevention assessments for their employees. Do not hesitate to talk about it with the human resources managers of your company so that they contact Predilife. Indeed, the prevention report finds its place in companies in order to allow better dissemination of prevention messages and better management of the health of employees.

*Source: National Cancer Institute (INCa) – Cancers in France 2018 edition

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