Predictive Check-Up for Breast Cancer

Determine your risk of developing breast cancer in the next 5 years and benefit from personalised follow-up


The most common cancer in women in France


of cases of breast cancer are cured when detected in time*


women who develop breast cancer do not have a family history of the disease*

2.3 million

women diagnosed with breast cancer in 2020*



Determine your risk score, for personalised follow-up

Preventive check-ups to take charge of your health, with complete peace of mind

The Predilife Predictive Check-Up for Breast Cancer allows women from the age of 40 to assess their risk of developing breast cancer and to benefit from personalised follow-up and recommendations centred on risk factors.

Like the preventive check-up for multiple conditions, this is a 100% digital check-up, based on a remote appointment with our partner physicians, via the secure Predilife platform.

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The Predilife Predictive Check-Up for Breast Cancer is carried out using the MammoRisk® solution, the leading solution for predicting the risk of breast cancer in France. The MammoRisk® test, marketed since 2019, brings together the latest scientific knowledge in terms of risk factors (clinical data, imaging and laboratory medicine) to offer each user unique and adapted follow-up.

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A solution adopted by medical institutes

American Hospital of Paris
Institut Français du Sein
L'Institut du Sein Paris
Institut du sein Henri Hartmann

A simple and secure patient pathway An end-to-end health solution

The Predictive Check-Up for Breast Cancer is based on your availability, with no travel, time or scheduling obligations. This check-up includes:

  • two remote appointments with one of our partner physicians,
  • a clinical check-up,
  • a blood test,
  • a saliva genetic test* determining several hundred genes related to cancer and cardiovascular disease.

*on medical prescription

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1<sup>st</sup> remote appointment

Step 1 1st remote appointment

Explanation of the different steps, verification of eligibility criteria, prescription of a mammogram, if necessary

Health questionnaire

Step 2 Health questionnaire

Clinical data, family history, etc.

Genetic tests* using a saliva swab

Step 3 Genetic tests* using a saliva swab

Home kit sent out, then genotyping of samples at Eurofins

*on medical prescription

2<sup>nd</sup> remote appointment

Step 4 2nd remote appointment

Estimation of the absolute risk of breast cancer + personally tailored recommendations

75 out of 100 employees* expect their company to commit to regularly monitoring their health.

Offering employees a preventive breast cancer check-up is a major part of a company’s health policy.

Predilife can guide you in this approach, with the Predictive Check-Up for Breast Cancer, to help strengthen your employer brand and reduce long-term sick leave.

*Malakoff Médéric study in

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Build your capacity in terms of preventive action

Create a dynamic publicity campaign based on the breast check-up thank to our kit, and raise employee awareness of breast cancer during the annual Pink October campaign.

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