Predictive Check-Up for Multiple Conditions

Determine your susceptibility to serious diseases, to benefit from personally tailored support


A few figures on serious diseases in France

7 814 039

new cases of cancer worldwide in 2020, among men and women (lung, colorectal, prostate and breast cancer)*

3 791 617

deaths in 2020, worldwide (men and women)*


*international agency for research on cancer 

Early detection saves lives

Take charge of your health, with complete peace of mind

Although the overall number of new cases of cancer in France is rising each year, this is no longer an inevitability. Early detection of serious diseases, effectively, increases the 5-year survival rate and avoids invasive treatments which are burdensome for patients.

Following the Breast Check-Up, marketed in 2019, Predilife now offers the Predictive Check-Up for Multiple Conditions, a health check-up intended for men and women aged over 40.

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Predilife Predictive Check-Up for Multiple Conditions An end-to-end health check-up

This new-generation preventive check-up takes place via a remote appointment on a 100% secure digital platform conforming to the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).
This check-up takes place in 3 main steps:

  • a clinical check-up: a questionnaire, blood tests
  • a saliva genetic test* determining several hundred genes related to cancer and cardiovascular disease
  • two remote appointments with our partner physicians: at the start and end of the patient pathway. During the last remote appointment, the physician gives the patient their personalised report, together with recommendations allowing them to benefit from a personalised care programme

*on medical prescription

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1<sup>st</sup> remote appointment

Step 1 1st remote appointment

Explanation of the different steps, verification of eligibility criteria, etc.

Health questionnaire

Step 2 Health questionnaire

Clinical data, family history, etc.

Blood tests

Step 3 Blood tests

Complete blood count, lipid analysis, etc.

Genetic tests* using a saliva swab

Step 4 Genetic tests* using a saliva swab

Home kit sent out, then genotyping of samples at Eurofins.

*on medical prescription

2<sup>nd</sup> remote appointment

Step 5 2nd remote appointment

Check-up and recommendations provided according to risk profile

In addition to numerous employee benefits, the Preventive Check-Up for Multiple Conditions offers your company numerous benefits:

  • Respond to your employees’ key concerns
  • Strengthen your employer brand
  • Develop your health commitment in line with the French law of 2 August 2021
  • Boost company performance
  • A simple, lower-cost solution to implementing your health policy across France
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Get your employees on board and make your health policy a real success

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