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Our goal is to make predictive medicine accessible to all

Our history

“When I was teaching mathematics applied to medicine and working at the Gustave Roussy cancer centre, I would see patients in the lobby and wonder whether we could have anticipated these diseases. The idea of predicting risks to find the best way of preventing them was thus born.”

Stéphane Ragusa
Chief Executive Officer

société Predilife
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Founded in 2004, Predilife, a pioneer of predictive medicine in France, designs and markets predictive tests, giving everyone the chance to find out their own risk of developing serious diseases.
It combines proven medical techniques with Artificial Intelligence and Big Data.

Predictive medicine involves anticipating an individual’s future so that action can be taken in time thanks to personalised prevention, either by reducing risk, or by identifying the disease as early as possible.

Serious conditions, such as cancer and heart attack, can now be better prevented.

After 14 years of research and development, Predilife obtained its medical device certification and launched predictive check-ups on the French and international market: predictive check-up for breast cancerpredictive check-ups for multiple conditions. Since 2018, Predilife has been listed on Euronext Growth.


Our vision

We believe that predictive medicine will lead to effective prevention and thus reduce the risk of serious disease.

We believe that each individual should play a key role in their own health and benefit from personalised medical follow-up.

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Our team

Stéphane RAGUSA linkedin
Chairman-Founder I CEO

A graduate of the prestigious École Polytechnique engineering school, doctor of biology, and associate professor of statistics applied to medicine (Sorbonne University).

Emilien GAUTHIER linkedin
Chief Technical Officer

Engineer, master’s degree in bioinformatics and doctorate in data mining.
Expert in artificial intelligence, statistics and software development.

Marion RENELIER linkedin
Legal Director I Data Protection Officer

Master’s 2 degree in health law (UVSQ Versailles Saint-Quentin-en-Yvelines University). Legal and regulatory aspects, conformity to the GDPR.

Anne KERZAN linkedin
Chief marketing officer

Master’s 2 degree in marketing and public relations.
20 years of experience in marketing, digital and PR strategy.

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Feel free to respond to our job offers or send in a spontaneous application: here at Predilife, each application is scrupulously examined.

Our partners

Clinique Rive Gauche
Institut du sein Henri Hartmann
American Hospital of Paris
L'Institut du Sein Paris



Creation of Predilife

2004 - 2018

Research & Development


Medical device certification by the ANSM

2019 - 2020

Partnership with the American Hospital of Paris and medical clinics


Market launch of the Predictive Check-Up for Breast Cancer to companies


Market launch of the Predictive Check-Up for Multiple Conditions